About Us

Who We Are

Timberview Farmstead is a nonprofit established by a community of servant leaders who share a passion for educating and empowering young people in Tarrant County and beyond through farm-based learning. Our team of educators, farmers, hospitality professionals, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs care deeply about cultivating a vibrant, healthy community fueled by hope.

What We Do

Timberview Farmstead exists to guide all who come toward a more deeply rooted life through farm-based education, culinary experiences, and community-centric programming. The Timberview ecosystem is designed to provide meaningful work and access to education, healthcare, food, and community. When the campus is fully built, there will be operating businesses, social enterprises, providing cash flow for the services and programs provided to the community, along with opportunities for meaningful work for all. It will be a place for children and families to learn, grow and belong.
Aquaponics Greenhouse
School Field Trips
Produce Boxes
Farmer’s Market
Youth Mentoring Program
Our Story
Timberview Farmstead began with a dream to create a place for kids in Tarrant County to learn, grow, and impact the world.
To educate and empower young people in Tarrant County and beyond toward a more deeply rooted life through farm- based learning and the embrace of unreasonable hospitality.
Our Team
We are working every day to carry out our mission of educating and empowering young people across our community.