Coming Soon to Timberview Farmstead

   Tucked away from the noise and chaos of city life, Timberview Farmstead is a haven for learning, growing, and belonging. We believe in the dignity of all people and are on a mission to cultivate a place where all are invited, hard work is welcomed, and curiosity is celebrated.

Teaching Farm

A place where young and old alike can come to learn and be inspired through
animals and agriculture in a beautiful farm setting. Opening for tours Fall 2022.

Coffee Shop

Located in our central pavilion, this is the gathering spot on the farm. Connect
over a cup of coffee and grab a snack while exploring the grounds.

Green House

Using the latest technology, we are building a hydroponic greenhouse dedicated
to growing different types of produce. We aim to bring farm fresh food to our community while
putting the best environmental practices in place.


We are building an academy for middle and high school students from at-risk
backgrounds to provide a healthy environment in which they can thrive and grow.