Timberview Farm Dinners

Exclusive dining experiences at the Farmstead for you to break bread with your community.

Rooted deep within the mission of Timberview Farmstead is the importance of gathering over a shared meal.

That is why we have curated an exceptional dining experience

for you to share with your friends.

Seasonal menus are curated by Texas-based Vestals Catering and sourced with the highest quality ingredients.

Meals are served family-style in an intimate environment for 20 people that is inspiring yet comfortable. Enjoy guest experiences like behind-the-scenes tours and interactive demonstrations.

We invite you to dine at the Farmstead.

Dine on an expansive landscape in the spring, and in the warm greenhouse in the winter. Join a unique group of people to share the most universal human conversation: a meal.

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Please send all inquiries about Farm Dinners to 
[email protected]